Parking Garage Glucksteinquartier

Wide Open Parking Spaces In Austria


Angled parking spaces require greater spans and voided slabs cooperate.



  • Voided slabs accommodated 52’ spans needed for angled parking

  • Flat slabs provided unobstructed, reflective surfaces for comfort and safety

  • Provided for efficient lighting and ventilation

Parking Garage GLÜCKSTEINQUARTIER in Austria utilizes a popular European parking garage standard involving angled parking spaces, easier to access.

Anyone traveling in Mannheim, especially in the area of Lindenhof, will already have noticed the large-scale construction project of the Mannheim car park operations that was started in March of last year: the mobility building of MPB is being built in the Glückstein district. It will house 600 car parking spaces, electric charging facilities for cars and bicycles, bicycle parking, car sharing and parking for Park & Ride customers.

The first construction phase has already been completed. The excavation pit was made, the necessary remediation of old waste was done and the foundations and concealment work was started. Needless to say, preparations for this kind of project were necessary. A Europe-wide public call for tender preceded, showing that not too many companies were involved, due to the strong construction activity. 

Voids In Position  — This construction view shows the simplicity of grid placement.

Voids In Position — This construction view shows the simplicity of grid placement.


  • Weinmiller Architekten


  • Gern Paul Koch


  • Arge Streib/Herberger